Brown Sugar for Skin Care

Brown Sugar, is an excellent ingredient in skincare. Brown sugar is used in a number of body scrubs to exfoliate dead surface skin cells and reveal the glowing, healthy-looking skin underneath. Sugar scrubs also have a few benefits over salt scrubs. For one, small sugar granules are gentler on the skin than salt, which can cause microscopic tears in the skin; two, because of sugar’s natural humectants properties, these scrubs are more hydrating than salt scrubs, which can strip skin of natural oils. Here are three beauty benefits this sweet stuff has to offer:


brown sugar is colored with molasses, and does not contain chemical preservatives that may irritate your skin. Brown sugar is an ideal exfoliate to use because of its convenience, natural ingredients and its texture. Brown sugar is also softer than granulated sugar, so can generally be used on the face and sensitive skin. Raw sugar (aka known as turbinado sugar) is more naturally coarse, so is usually reserved for the body. Do a small patch test if you aren’t sure how your skin will react.


brown sugar is a good source of B vitamins due to its molasses content, and could be beneficial to your skin. Vitamin B is an antioxidant that can prevent and reverse signs of photo aging of your skin. Photo aging is the skin damage you encounter from the sun’s harmful UV rays.


choosing brown sugar is economical; you probably already have some in your pantry. Commercial skin care and beauty products can be very costly, especially if they are imported from other countries. Brown sugar is widely available, inexpensive to purchase and store.

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