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We are one of the suppliers of organic coconut sugar from Indonesia. We produce coconut sugar from coconut plantations in central java Indonesia for export to worldwide. Our organic coconut sugar is very nutritious because it contains many minerals and vitamins that the body needs. Our coconut sugar is 100% natural and does not contain any additives and artificial flavorings. And based on research, coconut sugar is one of the lowest glycemic index sweeteners.

Organic Coconut Sugar ManufacturerTo show quality, our coconut sugar has organic USDA-NOP and EU certificates with number CU 847432. Our coconut sugar has also been certified HALAL. We have exported bulk coconut sugar to many countries and we have a target to become one of the largest exporters of organic coconut sugar from Indonesia.

To meet our organic sugar production needs, we also work with many local coconut farmers to supply raw materials of course after their land is certified organic as well. Every production process is always controlled to maintain the quality of our coconut sugar. In addition to organic coconut sugar we also supply non-organic coconut sugar, considering that not everyone wants organic coconut sugar, so we also provide non-organic coconut sugar at lower prices than organic. Of course the quality and nutritional content are almost the same, the difference is only certified organic or not.

We also accept coconut sugar orders in retail packaging / OEM manufacturing / private labels. To order OEM coconut sugar you can use your brand or you can use our brand “NatureBAS”. We are also ready to provide retail packaging as you wish.


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