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Coconut Palm Sugar

organic coconut palm sugar indonesiaINDONESIA COCONUT PALM SUGAR SUPPLIER

CV Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa is a trusted Coconut Sugar Supplier Indonesia. Organic Coconut Sugar and Conventional Coconut Sugar is our best seller product available in bulk because it has premium quality and lower price than other products. Organic Coconut Sugar products have organic certificates from USDA – NOP, EU with the number CU847432.

We have a high standard food safety management system in the processing of coconut sap into coconut sugar. Start from the harvesting of coconut sap by coconut farmers, and the processing of coconut sap, until the packaging of coconut sugar has been standardized, thus ensuring the quality of our Coconut Sugar. Processing of coconut sugar without adding preservatives or chemical dyes. This maintains the purity of coconut sugar which is rich in several vitamins and minerals. Due to its high vitamin and mineral content, many people believe that consuming coconut sugar is better than cane sugar.

The trend of using coconut sugar as a substitute for cane sugar is getting higher because consuming coconut sugar can reduce the risk of degenerative diseases such as diabetes, and can also get other health benefits. The delicious taste and distinctive aroma of coconut sugar make it suitable for any drink and food recipe you like. It is a product specification of Coconut Sugar :

Coconut Sugar Supplier Product Specification

coconut sugar bulk packaging

Minimum Order Quanitity ( MOQ ) = Minimum Order for coconut sugar bulk: 5000 Kg or 5 Ton

Supply Ability = 35.000 Kg or 35 Tons per month



Until now, CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa has exported bulk organic coconut sugar and conventional coconut sugar to EUROPE: Czech, Denmark, France, Slovakia, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Belarus, United Emirates of Arab, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, and Israel. AFRICA: South Africa. AUSTRALIA, AMERICA : Canada, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Tahiti. ASIA: Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea, Kuwait, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, and China.

We provide Coconut Sugar of various types of smoothness, moisture, etc. By the request of each of our clients. Click Here for more details and informations about our Coconut Sugar  or WhatsApp to +6282134505737