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coconut sugar CSR


CV Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa’s very high commitment to empowering natural resources and human resources in an optimal and sustainable manner. The role of sap farmers is very important in finding the best coconut sap. From quality coconut sap, it will produce quality coconut sugar and selling value.

We realize that cooperation with farmers is very important for the development of the company. Also the preservation of natural resources. That’s why we created this Coconut Sugar CSR program. With the Coconut Sugar CSR Program, it will be able to increase the productivity of nira farmers and the harvest will be more abundant. Coconut Sugar CSR activities that have been implemented include distribution of agricultural equipment, Organic Kitchen Program, skills training for farmers and other social activities.

Coconut Sugar CSR is a form of commitment to always be part of a more prosperous, advanced and successful farmer’s life with CV. Sentosa Bona fide Award.

Coconut Sugar CSR Activity Documentation

coconut sugar csr activity for local farmer
pongkor for equipment local farmer harvest coconut sugar
give equipment for local farmer harvest coconut sugar
equipment for local farmer harvest coconut sugar

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