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Coconut Chips Supplier

Are you looking for a trusted supplier of coconut chips?

We are suppliers of coconut chips from Indonesia, we provide bulk coconut chips and retail packaging at lower prices. 

Coconut chips are made from drying and slicing the flesh of mature coconuts. Our coconut chips are available raw or toasted, as well as in different flavours. 

supplier coconut chips oem

The chips we offer are very popular with customers because of their authentic taste free from any artificial additives and flavourings. These good quality chips are also very tasty and nutritious and form an excellent snack. We guarantee good packaging and timely deliveries.

Our Coconut Chips Specifications : 

Product Specification Coconut ChipsOur coconut chips are really tasty and have some flavors like original, cinnamon, ginger and plain. They are really delicious for snacks or you can use them for cooking and topping. You can add them to trail mixes, cereals, baked goods, confectionery products, dairy products, ice cream and chocolate treats for a delicious and unique flavor? 

We also accept orders for OEM coconut chips / Private labels.

Coconut Chips Supplier

Besides selling coconut chips, we also have other products from coconut meat. Desiccated Coconut and Coconut Flour can be profitable product alternatives for business to business (B2B). We supply low fat desiccated coconut and gluten free coconut flour.

Desiccated Coconut is a product made from dried coconut meat with a low fat content. This product is very suitable for coconut bread and biscuit manufacturing factories. Coconut Flour can also be the right choice for vegetarian bread and biscuit producers. The gluten-free content in coconut flour makes food products of higher quality

CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa as supplier of coconut chips also has coconut sugar, coconut oil and palm oil products. We open business opportunities for traders and brokers to work with us.


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