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About Us


Indonesia is the largest producer of coconuts in the world. Until now millions of coconut trees thrive throughout this country. Indonesian people have used coconut trees as a high economic value for hundreds of years. Seeing the high benefits of coconut trees, CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa is here to introduce organic coconut sugar and coconut-derived products from Indonesia to the world.

We are one of Indonesia’s most trusted, and best organic coconut sugar factories. Therefore we have won the trust to export bulk coconut sugar supplies (granules and blocks) to various companies in the world. We work with farmers to produce coconut sugar from plantations in Central Java – Indonesia. To this day, Organic Coconut Sugar and Conventional Coconut Sugar are the best-selling products. Orders can be in the form of large quantities of coconut sugar and OEM Private label with packaging customization.

Besides producing coconut sugar, we also supply Coconut Sugar Candy, Coconut Nectar Syrup, Arenga Palm Sugar, Desiccated Coconut, Virgin Coconut Oil, and RBD Coconut Oil. Our organic products are certified EU, USDA-NOP organic with the number CU847432. In addition, we have also been certified Halal, and HACCP in the food safety management system. Our Product currently registered with the General Administration of the People’s Republic of China Customs (GACC) system.

Food Management System Certificate
EU Organic Certificate
USDA Organic Certificate
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Desiccated Coconut Fine Grade Supplier

Desiccated Coconut

Supply High-Quality Desiccated Coconut.
Ready for orders in bulk for your business.

RBD Palm Olein Factory


Ready High-Quality RBD Coconut Oil bulk for the cosmetics, cooking, and other industries.

Coconut Syrup Supplier 4


High-quality bulk Coconut Sugar Syrup for food and beverage manufacturers at competitive prices.

We believe buyers will always return to us if we offer quality and competitive prices.
Our coconut sugar buyers have covered all over the world with buyers from the following countries:

EUROPE : Czech, Denmark, France, Slovakia, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Israel. AMERICA : Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Tahiti.

ASIA : Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, China. AFRICA : South Africa. AUSTRALIA

The word “Bonafide” reflects the level of trust and reliability we maintain for our clients. We have a vision to grow based on core values. We always maintain customer trust and satisfaction as a form of our commitment. Of course, a good relationship with customers will make it easier for us to provide the best service in accordance with customer expectations.

Coconut Sugar Supplier & Exporter

We have a coconut sugar production plant that complies with food safety management standards. Our workers implement a workplace safety system as well as a food safety system. Not only workers, but every visitor who comes must also comply with standard operational food safety procedures, from filling out arrival forms to using personal safety equipment.

We do this to maintain the Quality of Coconut Sugar in our factory until it reaches consumers safely and is suitable for consumption.