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If you are interested in BASFOOD’s organic coconut sugar products, we provide contacts for trusted coconut sugar suppliers. Just contact the coconut sugar supplier contact below to get the best offer.

Coconut Sugar Supplier Contact - Coconut Sugar Manufacturer Indonesia

Coconut sugar products that we produce:
1. Organic Coconut Sugar
2. Conventional Coconut Sugar
3. OEM Coconut Sugar Private Label


Coconut products that we can export:
1. Mould Coconut Sugar
2. Coconut Nectar Syrup
3. Desiccated Coconut

4. Coconut Flour
5. Coconut Chips
6. Virgin Coconut Oil
7. RBD Coconut Oil Red 0.4 , 0.6, & 0.8

In addition, we also supply palm products at wholesale prices.

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