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Golden Coconut Sugar

Organic Coconut Sugar Manufacturer Indonesia

Did you know that coconut sugar is golden in color?

Yes, it’s called Golden Coconut Sugar. Golden Coconut sugar has a lighter color than coconut sugar in general. However, the nutritional content is the same as ordinary coconut sugar. The golden yellow color is the natural color of processing coconut sap. Only the best and selected coconut sap can produce Golden Coconut Sugar. Heating and processing of coconut sap with the method we use can produce Golden Coconut Sugar with an excellent taste and color quality. We do not use chemical dyes and preservatives during the production process. The production of Golden Coconut Sugar refers to a food safety management system. Of course, Golden Coconut Sugar is safe and suitable for consumption. 

Coconut Sugar Cookies

Difference between Coconut Sugar and Golden Coconut Sugar

The yellowish-brown color is lighter than regular coconut sugar. Cooking colors will remain bright and beautiful when using Golden Coconut Sugar. In contrast to ordinary coconut sugar which will change the color of the dish to be a little darker. It’s an ideal substitute for white cane sugar in coffee, tea, cakes and cooking.

Not all coconut sugar factories produce golden coconut sugar. However, only a few Golden Coconut Sugar Supplier provides light yellow coconut sugar like ours.

We are CV Bonafie Anugerah Sentosa as Golden Coconut Sugar Supplier. If you need a supply of Golden Coconut Sugar for your business, we are ready to supply it in large quantities for you in bulk and in custom packaging. We are the trusted and best of Coconut Sugar manufacturer in Indonesia.

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