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Healthier Than Coconut Sugar

Sugar is often blamed as the culprit causing obesity. Though not all of the sugar is evil. According to health practitioners and also author of the popular health Handrawan Nadesul, the biggest mistake people now because choosing sugar (sugar cane) rather than brown sugar (brown sugar / sugar palm / coconut sugar). “Sugar was refined sugar, as well as wheat. Both carbohydrates are processed. It is evident sugar and wheat were not more healthful than brown sugar, and wheat,” wrote […]

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Brown Sugar Body For Health

Why are people living in the countryside and still have a tendency to follow the tradition of ancestral remains healthier than those living in the city? If your answer is because the stress level is higher in the city, may not be 100% correct. A study shows that the tradition of cooking and eating traditional food in the countryside has contributed greatly to the health of the population in question. Cooking habits using brown sugar (or palm sugar, or sugar), […]

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Brown Sugar Has Health Benefits Compared to Sugar Cane

Many people do not know that the brown sugar or brown sugar too, has many health benefits than cane sugar / white. In addition to providing a sweet taste (but low in calories), sugar-containing mineral salts, rich in nutrients, and beneficial for anemia, cough, typhoid, leprosy, and so on. DIFFERENCES IN WHITE SUGAR / SUGAR CANE & JAVA 1. Sugar White / Cane Sugar 2. Taste: sweet course. 3. Does not contain mineral salts. 4. The high sugar content. 5. […]

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Effect of Brown Sugar on Blood Sugar and Performance Pancreas

Brown sugar or brown sugar or palm sugar has different properties with sugar or cane sugar cane sugar alias. So far we have discussed together that sugar is the best to date palm sugar, even when compared with corn sugar though. cane sugar Sugar cane is often referred to as sugar. But be careful, because at this time it appears sugar made from sugar palm. Sugar cane can be converted into blood sugar by the body in a matter of […]

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