Benefits and Health Efficacy of Coconut Oil

Benefits and Health Benefits of Coconut Oil for. Coconut oil is not covered here refined palm oil mill which, as we know it today, but virgin coconut oil is processed traditionally. Coconut oil also apparently been used as a traditional medicine in India since 5000 years ago.

So far, we already consider coconut oil as a source of disease because they contain saturated fats. But in fact, while in the coconut oil contains fats being, then coconut oil is very beneficial for health.

And the following are the benefits of virgin coconut oil as quoted by Care2 page.

  1. Speed up your metabolism
    As mentioned
    earlier, coconut oil contains fatty acids sequence was able to stimulate a faster metabolism and give you energy.

  2. Kill Bacteria
    Virgin coconut oil also contains caprylic acid which is known to kill harmful bacteria.

  3. Protect the Heart
    Because it is rich in lauric acid, consuming virgin coconut oil is able to protect the heart by lowering bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.

  4. Controlling blood sugar levels
    Pure coconut oil will not trigger an increase in the hormone insulin in the blood vessels. Instead, eat them can help you to control sugar levels by increasing insulin performance.

  5. Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
    A study has proved that the consumption of virgin coconut oil is effective to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

  6. Assist absorption of nutrients
    Consuming virgin coconut oil and vitamin E is the solution for treating concurrent failure of absorption of nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract.

  7. Boost immunity
    The content of lauric acid in coconut oil is boosting the immune system is good.

  8. Healthy Skin
    Want to have healthy skin? Do not be lazy consuming virgin coconut oil to maintain skin health and beauty naturally from within.

  9. Maintaining brain health
    Some studies also have shown that eating virgin coconut oil is able to maintain brain health in old age.

  10. Speed up the process of healing
    People of Panama like drinking pure coconut oil to treat the disease and accelerate the healing process.


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