Brown Sugar

Identical with the brown sugar cake, dessert, or traditional Indonesian drink. In the month of fasting, brown sugar widely used, for example to make a compote. There are actually different types of brown sugar, sugar is not just Java.

Brown sugar gives a brown color and fragrant aroma and distinctive sweet taste. That said, the nutrients contained in them are also good for than cane sugar. In order for a scrumptious dish, choose a suitable brown sugar, both of texture and sweetness.

Brown sugar contains macro and micronutrients more than white sugar. Brown sugar contains Micronutrients such as mineral salts, Thiamine (Vitamin B1) Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) Nicotinic Acid (Vitamin B3) pyridoxine (vitamin B6) Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C).

Types of brown sugar on the market:

1. Sugar

Brown sugar is the most common Java sugar or palm sugar. Coconut tree sap tapped, processed and printed in bamboo (Javanese sugar cylindrical shape) or coconut shell (shell shape Javanese sugar). Coconut sugar is widely used as raw material for the Java community soy sauce, sweetened drinks, lunkhead, syrup of palm sugar, or cake. Older than the brown color of brown sugar and usually a little dirty, so it must be filtered first.


2. Palm sugar

Palm sugar or sugar kawung Java is similar to sugar. The difference, taken from the sap of palm sugar palm trees (palm or back and forth) and bright brown. The shape is cylindrical and there are no pointy-shaped shell, but is usually wrapped in dried palm leaves. That said, a higher glycemic index than sugar palm. However, some people prefer brown sugar to make the cake because it is considered more fragrant, tasty, and clean.


3. Sugar ants

Sugar ants or palm sugar or palm sugar palm sugar or brown sugar in the form of crystals or powder, so it is sometimes called sugar crystals. Its use is more practical because it is easily soluble, plus durable because it is dry. Sugar can be added to the herbs or hot drink, bread dough, pastry, or other meals. Can also be used as a topping or sugar substitute.

Tips on buying brown sugar

Beware of brown sugar mixed with other ingredients or impure. If you want to buy brown sugar, choose a flat surface, solid, not sandy, and not hollow. Hard texture with bright colors evenly, not pale or black. In addition, choose whole and not split.

Efficacy and Benefits of Brown Sugar

1. Preventing the increase of sugar in the blood.

2. Clean and controls the digestive tract.

3. Accelerating the metabolism in the body.

4. Optimizing the function of cells in the body.

5. Treat minor injuries.

6. Substitute white sugar for diabeticsbecause of the low calorie brown sugar.

7. Overcome Anemia

8. Treating typhoid

9. Strengthening the Heart

10. Reduce the heat of the pancreas

11. Help strengthen teeth

12. For drug Shortness of Breath

13. Treat Leprosy.

14. For skin care

Brown sugar can also be used for skin care, especially on the skin, palm sugar believed to brighten the skin to make it look more fresh. Substances contained in such palm sugar granules contained in palm sugar can regenerate dead skin cells on the face so that the face can be brightened.

For facial skin care you can process it in this way:

* Mix the palm sugar / brown sugar that has been ground to scrub,
* Then add the olive oil to taste.
* Stir the mixture evenly and then apply the scrub mixture on face, leave for 10 minutes.
* Then wash your face thoroughly.

15. Inhibits premature aging

According to experts in the country of China, brown sugar contains believed to activate blood circulation, warm the stomach, increasing the blood, strengthen the spleen and relieve pain. For the elderly, it is advisable to consume sugar because usually they are the body’s ability to absorb micronutrients and multi vitamins are gradually reduced. Therefore, it is recommended to consume food and drink that can keep the metabolism and slow the aging conditions, and the brown sugar has these properties.

Researchers in Japan have ever experimented with extracting a polysaccharide called molasses. From these experiments proved that molasses has strong antioxidant properties that are strong enough to fight premature aging. Some experts also advocate for the elderly to eat brown sugar instead of regular sugar. For example, in the Nagoya area which is brown sugar in Japan, where the lansianya have a tradition of drinking a glass of red sugar drink every day.

Things to note:

Although sugar has many properties and benefits, there are important things that must be considered. It is not all the people and the elderly can consume this type of sugar. According to Chinese medical science, for those who have digestive disorders, suffer in the heat, lack of body fluids, or are taking medications is not recommended to consume sugar.

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