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Benefits and Health Efficacy of Coconut Oil

Benefits and Health Benefits of Coconut Oil for. Coconut oil is not covered here refined palm oil mill which, as we know it today, but virgin coconut oil is processed traditionally. Coconut oil also apparently been used as a traditional medicine in India since 5000 years ago. So far, we already consider coconut oil as a source of disease because they contain saturated fats. But in fact, while in the coconut oil contains fats being, then coconut oil is very […]

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Efficacy Palm Sugar for Beauty

Cleaning the face is a ritual that must be done if you want to have healthy skin and trouble free. More benefits you can get, by adding certain materials when washing the face. Not only make the face clean, but also make beautiful skin after you wash your face with water. Here it is the ingredients, as quoted from Styletips 101: Brighten Face If you want a brighter facial complexion, add the palm sugar into soap facial cleanser you normally […]

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