World Diabetes Day

Every November 14, the whole world commemorates World Diabetes Day or WDD which is carried out in all countries in the world. World diabetes day is an idea created by the IDF and the World Health Organization in response to the increasing health threat due to diabetes. In 2006, the UN officially approved this special day for diabetes sufferers through UN resolution 61/225. The UN chose November 14 as world diabetes commemoration day according to Sir Frederick Banting’s birthday. Sir Frederick Banting was one of the discoverers of insulin together with Charles Best in 1922.


world diabetes day logo

World Diabetes Day

The WDD campaign was realized with a blue circle logo after the ratification of the UN resolution on diabetes in 2007. The blue circle in the logo is a global symbol of awareness about diabetes. Apart from that, it is also a form of unity in the global diabetes community in responding to the diabetes epidemic. Every year the World Diabetes Day campaign focuses on a special theme for one to two years. This theme is one of encouragement and efforts to prevent and avoid diabetes mellitus.


Currently, WDD is one of the biggest campaigns for awareness of the dangers of diabetes and healthy lifestyles. This is of course a matter of global concern because diabetes is a disease with a high mortality rate. Diabetes is a frightening disease because it infects a person with various factors such as genetics, lifestyle, and diet.


Moreover, diabetes sufferers are not only the elderly and adults but also children with high levels of sugar consumption. Issues related to diabetes receive serious attention, especially for the 1 billion people in 160 countries in the world. With this WDD campaign, it is hoped that everyone can adopt a healthy lifestyle and eat regularly. The importance of limiting the amount of sugar consumed in food and drink consumption every day is a good preventive measure. Apart from that, increasing physical activity and consuming nutritious foods can prevent spikes in blood sugar which cause diabetes.


The world’s concern for diabetes is certainly not a small thing and is easily ignored. However, world awareness of diabetes is an effort and encouragement to achieve sustainable health. Diabetes may not be curable, but it can still be prevented and not passed on to our children and grandchildren.