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Refined Glycerine

Refined Glycerine Supplier

REFINE GLYCERINE SUPPLIER – Refined Glycerine is a saponification of vegetable fats and oils in the form of a clear, viscous liquid that has neither color nor aroma. Refined Glycerine has a slightly sweet taste, therefore Refine Glycerine can be used as a sweetener and food preservative. Glycerine has a high boiling point but can freeze into a paste.

The beauty and cosmetic industry are very interested in glycerine as a raw material for making soaps, lotions, and other beauty products. This is because glycerine can provide moisture to the skin for a long time. The use of glycerine gives more value to beauty products, so the selling price will be more expensive. This of course adds to the quality of every soap and beauty product that contains glycerin.

As an ingredient made from vegetable oil, glycerin is very safe for the environment. Because it is naturally biodegradable, scientists found that when it is released into the environment. It is dispersed into water, and is contained in the air, soil, or sediment at safe levels. This means the material has a low bioaccumulation potential. Which is an important factor for exporters when dealing with chemical compliance requirements.

Our Refined Glycerine is safe for the food industry, medicine, and medical use. We are ready to supply Refined Glycerine for your industrial needs. Especially when you create high-quality products with our glycerin.

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