What is Crude Coconut Oil (CNO)?

Crude Coconut Oil (CNO) is a product of CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa ( Crude Coconut Oil Supplier ) which comes from processed coconut. This coconut oil product is coconut oil that has not undergone processing or can be referred to as copra oil. we produce CNO by using high standardization stages, starting from copra crushing, and heating, to extortion. Coconut oil that has gone through the production stage then passes through the filtering stage to remove impurities in the oil. After obtaining clean oil, CNO must go through the oil refining stage so that it can be consumed. Because the oil that has passed through the filter still contains more than 0.1% free fat. The CNO refining process requires quite a long time to produce good quality ready-to-consume coconut oil.

Raw Materials for the manufacture of Food Products

Food and non-food manufacturers use ready-to-consume CNO as an alternative to palm oil as cooking oil. Because it can be used as cooking oil, of course, CNO can also be processed for food products such as butter, margarine, and creamer. Coconut oil is an option for vegetarians as a substitute for butter which is made from milk fat. Some ice cream manufacturers also add coconut oil to make the taste and texture of the ice cream softer.

Processed for beauty products

Apart from being a raw material for cooking oil, several large-scale industries process CNO as an oleochemical raw material for soaps and cosmetics. The content of vitamins and minerals in coconut oil is an added value for skin and facial beauty products. In addition, the coconut oil content in the soap will make the skin smoother and softer. Coconut oil is also used to make cream lotions and sunscreens. Several beauty and hair health products use coconut oil in their product composition. A hair oil that uses coconut oil can make hair healthier and shiny. Hair oil is anti-microbial which can inhibit the growth of fungi that cause dandruff.

Crude Coconut Oil for blending Biodiesel

Biodiesel is an environmentally friendly alternative fuel for diesel-engined vehicles. Coconut oil has a role in making biodiesel with a certain capacity. So that the price of biodiesel can be more affordable and have exhaust emissions that are environmentally friendly.

CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa is a Crude Coconut Oil Supplier in Indonesia. We are ready to export bulk crude coconut oil at low prices.