Sugar Arenga Granule Many advisable By Health Experts

Sugar granule are powder product innovation of printing palm sugar in the form of powder or granules small brownish yellow to brown. Water palm juice that has been produced into print sugar, would have added value better if processed into sugar granule. Sugar granule have more added value than print palm sugar such as:
a. sugar granule more practical or ready to be consumed.
b. moisture content less sugar granule so the shelf life is more durable.
c. Sugar granule are already packaged in a practical, while print sugar difficult to save.
d. More higinienis.
Sugar granule sugar is sugar that is recommended by many health experts. As quoted from the LIVESTRONG, Tuesday (11/01/2011) calories contained in the smaller palm sugar than white sugar. Palm sugar has a glycemic index value is low at 35 while on the sugar glycemic index of 58.
Glycemic Index (GI) is a scale or number given on certain foods based on how much food they increase blood sugar levels, the scale used is 0-100. Called low glycemic index if it is at a scale of less than 50, moderate glycemic index if the value of 50-70 and a high glycemic index if the rate is above 70.
Experts reveal the value of the lower glycemic index is safer to make palm sugar consumed and does not cause spikes in blood sugar levels significantly, so that it can harm the body, especially for diabetics. The glycemic index affects the pancreatic fatigue index, the greater the glycemic index, the greater the fatigue index pancreatic.
To convert sugar into the blood sugar, the body only takes 3 minutes, but to convert blood sugar into energy that can be stored in the muscle, pancreatic takes ± 140 minutes. Pancreatic tired Index reached a value of +5. This value applies to 1/2 tablespoons of sugar or 1 tablespoon of sugar. Thus, to process sugar into energy is a very tiring job for pancreatic. Normal pancreas only able to convert 1/2 tablespoons granulated sugar into energy every day. Weight 1/2 tablespoons granulated sugar about 5 grams. When we consume more than half a spoon of sugar, then the rest will be blood sugar and body fat. The result is that people are getting fatter, and eventually will suffer from diabetes.
To convert sugar into the blood sugar in the body, it takes a relatively equal, which is 3 minutes. Furthermore, to convert blood sugar into energy, also takes a short time, which is 3 minutes as well. Index pancreas to produce insulin tired to convert blood sugar into energy +.00005. Is lower approximately 10 x of sugar cubes, this means that sugar is a healthy complex carbohydrates. Thus, brown sugar included in a healthy diet. The pancreas is able to convert 9 tablespoons brown sugar into energy every day or approximately 90 grams.
The specificity of palm sugar than other sugars because they contain higher levels of sucrose (84%), compared to sugar cane (20%) and sugar beet (17%). Palm sugar content of nutrients such as protein content, fat, potassium and phosphorus were higher compared to sugar cane and sugar beets. As is known, the element of glucose is one of the triggers of diabetes mellitus.

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