Panacea Diabetes Mellitus

Spoon and fork had just taken from the hands Aris Anwari. Compliance Director of Bank DKI it after eating lunch. Ironically, he was even tired and sleepy. The next morning, when I wake up, he rushed to take a glucometer. Tapered at the tip of the needle penlate (puncture tool shaped pen, red) was inserted in the right hand fingers. Moments fresh blood pouring.

His eyes stared at the numbers listed in the tool. Blood sugar level of 480 mg / dl. That’s the highest sugar content since he suffered from diabetes mellitus. He memorized true: sleepy after eating, blood sugar levels rise. Understandably, the disease was residing in his body since 1985. Since then, he constantly taking antidiabetic drugs. Frequency 2 times a day, after lunch and before bed each 1 tablet.

For the sake of controlling their blood sugar, he regularly went to the doctor every month. However, if the blood sugar soaring, he paced to the doctor every week. Besides giving antidiabetic drugs, doctors always advise to comply with diet and exercise regularly.

In addition to taking medicine physician, Aris diligently doing the treadmill for 40 minutes every day. However, his efforts only able to lower blood sugar levels up to 300 mg / dl. A year ago, his colleagues offer virgin coconut oil (VCO) that supposedly efficacious lowering blood sugar levels. Because the drug is safe for consumption by the doctor, he also bought the VCO capsule. Every day, Aris consume 2 times that in the morning and after dinner each 2 capsules.

A year already Aris consuming VCO, during which he felt the benefits of virgin coconut oil. “Blood sugar levels decreased to 140-200 mg / dl,” said retired Bank of Indonesia. Indeed, the results were still above normal levels, 70-110 mg / dl. “I love the sweet and fatty foods, so diet are sometimes violated,” said the man born in the Holy. However, “My body is fit and rarely sleepy again,” he said.
glucose wasted

According to Prof. Drdr Susilo Wibowo SpAnd, specialist in andrology at the University of Diponegoro, diabetes due to failure of the pancreas to produce insulin. The hormone that helps maintain blood sugar levels. If blood sugar levels than normal, causing the kidneys secrete sugars joined together with the urine.

Sugar is interesting fluids so excessive urine volume. As a result, patients often berurine. Because losing a lot of fluid, the patient was easily thirsty. On the other hand, glucose is wasted with urine causes the body to lose energy. Patients become tired easily and easy hungry.

For the treatment of diabetes, the doctor recommends three ways: diet, use of antidiabetic medication, and exercise. According to Dr. M Masjhoer MS Med SpFK, an expert in clinical pharmacology at the University of Diponegoro, commonly used antidiabetic drugs: sulfonylurea class, which acts to stimulate the production of insulin; biguanide, lowering levels of glucose in the liver; acarbose, inhibit glucose absorption by the gastrointestinal tract; and thiazolidinediones (TDZ), improve insulin sensitivity and reduce hepatic glucose output.

How you can complete the work VCO diabetes? Andrology expert RS Naidoo, Semarang was mentioned lauric acid and caprylic on pure coconut oil stimulates insulin secretion in pancreatic Langerhans cells.
Prevent complications

Efficacy of VCO is not only able to control blood sugar. Virgin oil was also able to prevent the onset of disease complications of diabetes. Body gets saturated fat intake medium chain-like VCO-can prevent liver damage from alcohol consumption and oxidative stress. The effects caused linoleic acid content of VCO which reached 1.3%.

Linoleic acid works by decreasing lipid peroxidation so that no reactive oxygen species (ROS) superoxide-like-that are too high. Excess superoxide production will react with nitric oxide (NO) to form a new formation that peroksinitritoksidan berifat toxic. If it happens, it appears as heart disease, stroke, and damage to the immune system in people with diabetes.

Besides Aris Anwari, who also choose traditional medicine to cope with diabetes is Dr. Pieter AW Pattinama, MPH. However, she uses sea cucumber jelly. Suffered a gaping wound in diabetic foot pathway since 1972, slowly closing. Blood sugar levels also decreased drastically. Initially, 500 mg / dl, decreased to 160 mg / dl within 2 months.

According to Dr. Ir M Ahkam Subroto, M App Sc, researchers Biotechnology LIPI, the high protein content in cucumber reached 82%, both given to diabetics. High protein plays regenerate pancreatic beta cells that produce insulin. As a result, increased insulin production.

According to Dr. Oetjoeng Handajanto, in London, in addition given for oral consumption, sea cucumber jelly is also used to treat wounds gangrene in diabetics. Thanks to the high content of collagen, dead cells in the wound tissue regenerated so as to accelerate the healing.