Brown Sugar Process Traditional

Brown sugar or palm sugar is often referred to as or sugar shell, the basic material is a liquid that is taken from the flowers of plants belonging to the palm family such as coconut trees, palm trees and palm trees. Brown sugar is usually made ​​on an ingredient for dishes such as making tempe bacam. Can also be added to drinks coconut ice. How does the process of how to make brown sugar is traditionally done?

The process of making

Here will be presented the process of how to make brown sugar, as summarized from various reliable sources, namely:

1. Tapping.
Brown sugar can be made from the results of tapping palm trees on the midrib of the leaves that have not been inflated. This process usually lasts for 24 hours. Usually the result of this intercept is not necessarily a result, when the temperature of the hot night when the result is less than the temperature of the cold night. The results of these intercepts are usually referred to bandek or sap.

2. Boiling
After the interception collected then be filtered to separate the feces, then boiled with a solution of water decoction of mangosteen peel and limestone into the furnace of clay. Right now a lot of mangosteen peel boiled water is replaced with chemical drugs sold in drugstores. The use of these chemicals can speed up the process of making and drying brown sugar. Long boiling process is between 3-4 hours depending on the water content in bandek or juice, the higher the water content, the boiling process will take longer. During the boiling process, the bandek or sap must keep stirring so as not to overflow out of the furnace. After bandek or sap
become thick and discolored to brown, it is ready to be printed.

3. Molding process
Once the dough is brown sugar thickens and removed from the furnace, it is ready to be printed. The mold is usually made ​​of bamboo that is cut into small pieces. There are also some areas the mold is made from coconut shells. At the time of this liquid poured into the molds must be done quickly before liquid hardens. Once the dough is hardened brown sugar, usually for 10-15 minutes then the process can be removed from the mold. Brown sugar that has been removed from the mold needs to be aerated for a while so that it is completely dry and hard.

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