Supplier of Coconut Oil

COCONUT OIL SUPPLIER – CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa is an Indonesian supplier of coconut oil as well as a producer of coconut sugar. The large number of productive coconut plantations in Indonesia makes the supply of coconuts endless. So we see an opportunity to export coconut oil as a potential product in Europe and America. Coconut cooking oil, butter, and margarine are some of the consumption products produced from coconut oil. In addition, coconut oil can be a good alternative to replace palm oil as vegetable oil.


Virgin Coconut Oil - Supplier of Coconut Oil



Virgin Coconut Oil
Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is coconut oil that does not undergo a purification and clarification process. This coconut oil does not undergo a purification and clarification process, so it is purer than other coconut oils. BASFOOD can send bulk Virgin Coconut Oil in 27 Liter jerry cans. Or use Flexibag if you want Full Container Load shipping.


RBD Coconut Oil
This Coconut oil is a coconut oil product that undergoes a refining process. RBD stands for Refining, Bleaching, and Deodorizing. This oil does not have the scent of coconut as it has been refined and deodorized. Aside from being a cooking oil, RBD Coconut Oi can be used as a raw material for making soap and hair care products. We provide RBD Coconut Oil Red 0.4, Red 0.8, and  Red 1.5. Delivery of bulk RBD Coconut Oil can use 27-liter jerry cans or iron drums. In addition, you can also use Flexibag for Full Container Load shipments.


Crude Coconut Oil
Crude Coconut Oil is crude oil that has not undergone processing in the form of clarification and refining. This copra-pressed oil can be used as a raw material for making various other coconut oil products such as cooking oil and margarine. We can send Crude Coconut Oil using a flexiblag so it is safe to reach the destination.

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