Benefits of Coconut Trees

Sugar from Coconut Blossom - 1 Benefits of Coconut Tree

Indonesia is the largest tropical country in the world, with a wide expanse of lowlands to wide beaches. So that there becomes a fertile place for the development of coconut trees. The coconut tree is a tropical plant that reproduces through coconut tree buds. Every part of the tree can be of value to humans. Starting from the roots, stems, leaves, and fruit coconut flowers can be utilized for economic value. So the coconut tree is commonly referred to as the tree of life. Here are the benefits of coconut trees for humans:

Coconut Root

Coconut tree roots can be used as the main raw material for making beer. Apart from that, it can also be used for the manufacture of toothbrushes, and food coloring agents to be used as substitute formats. Coconut tree roots are also believed to have benefits for the body when processed into medicines, such as diarrhea medicines and dysentery medicines.

Benefits of Coconut Tree Trunk

The coconut tree has a long, hard stem with a diameter that is not too big. This is used as a source of building materials such as pillars. Many traditional ship constructions are also made using coconut tree trunks. Besides being strong, coconut tree trunks are easy to shape and process. Aside from being a construction material, coconut tree trunks are also processed into furniture, household furniture, and also as a substitute for firewood.

Coconut Leaves

The shape of coconut leaves is indeed unique because it is elongated and has soft bones, therefore coconut leaves can be shaped as desired. Old coconut leaves are usually dried and used as roofs for houses or other buildings. When young, coconut leaves are used as food wrappers such as Ketupat and fish brains. In addition, coconut leaves also have good artistic value when made into wedding decorations, traditional ceremonies in Bali (Penjor), and other woven crafts that have high economic value. A Coconut leaf bones can also be processed into broomsticks.

Coconut fruit

Coconut fruit has several parts that humans can enjoy, namely, coconut water, coconut meat, and also coconut shell. A Coconut water is a refreshing drink because it contains many natural minerals for the body. So that it can quench thirst and refresh the body instantly. Apart from fresh coconut water, coconut flesh can be reprocessed into raw materials and food toppings. Coconut flesh is the raw material for making coconut milk, desiccated coconut, and also virgin coconut oil (VCO).

It is different with coconut water and coconut meat which can be consumed, coconut shell can only be processed into a medium for consumption. Because coconut shells can be processed into household items such as bowls, glass lids, vegetable spoons, and rice spoons. In the hands of coconut craftsmen, coconut shells can also be formed into cool fashion accessories. Bags, brooches, and sandals made from coconut shells. Unused shell flakes are usually processed into coconut shell charcoal at fantastic prices. Coconut charcoal or coconut charcoal brisket is an Indonesian export commodity because the quality of Indonesian coconut charcoal is very good.

Coconut Tree Flowers

On other plants, flowers would just be a pretty sight. But in coconut trees, coconut blossom can produce coconut sap which has high economic value. Coconut blossoms produce coconut sap which can then be processed into healthy sweetener products. Coconut flower sap produces Coconut Sugar in various forms. Call it Coconut Ant Sugar, Liquid Coconut Sugar to printed coconut sugar which is the result of processed coconut sap. Coconut Sugar is one of the largest commodities exported from Indonesia with a very large valuation.

Benefits of Coconut Trees

Given the many benefits of coconut trees, of course, it is not a debate if the coconut tree is called the tree of life.