Why Choose Arenga Palm Sugar?


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For many people, coconut sugar may be more familiar than palm sugar (arenga sugar). Even some people may not be able to distinguish between the physical appearance of palm sugar and palm sugar. Yes, if you look at the form of sugar, texture and color then palm sugar and palm sugar look the same. The difference is taste, palm sugar (arenga sugar) has a sweeter taste and a unique aroma.

Arenga palm sugar is similar to coconut palm sugar. Both sugars are extracted from different varieties of palm trees; one is extracted from the arenga palm tree and the other is extracted from the coconut palm tree. Arenga Sugar is the world’s most delicious LOW GI sugar that is better for your health, and is safe for diabetics! It is 100% organic, whole, and unrefined.

The sap of the arenga palm tree of collected through a process called ‘tapping’. The sap is low GI (with a GI of 35) and is mineral rich. The sap is heated until it has been reduced to a concentrate. Once cooled, the concentrate hardens and is crushed into granules. Palm sugar is a traditional ingredient in South East Asian culture. Arenga palm sugar is an unrefined, unbleached sugar that has a sweet full bodied taste with caramel overtones. The beauty of arenga palm sugar is that it is mellow in taste and not overpowering at all – the perfect fit in Damn Sugar hot chocolate!