Why should Storage Coconut Sugar at Home ?

買椰子糖 coconut sugar

coconut sugar indonesia

Basically almost people likes sweet, so having a coconut sugar stock at home is recommended. Coconut sugar is fast becoming a popular sugar to add to everything from coffee to dessert – and it can be a great ingredient to work with when you know how to use it. Coconut sugar is made from the sap of coconut palm trees in a process that is very similar to the production of maple syrup. The harvested sap is reduced to a thick syrup and then boiled until it is reduced to a granulated form similar to that of brown sugar. Coconut sugar is a healthy alternative sweetener, it also has a unique caramel flavor so it can be used and applied to many recipes. 

While it is similar in texture to light brown sugar, it isn’t quite as “wet” and doesn’t pack down quite as tightly as real brown sugar. It also doesn’t have the same molasses notes, so it brings a lighter overall flavor to baked goods it is used in. Despite these differences, coconut sugar can be used like both white and brown sugar in recipes and a 1:1 substitution for it can be used between the two. Coconut sugar works well in cakes, cookies and quick breads – all recipes where it can be used exactly like cane sugars. While it’s an easy sugar substitute in most baking recipes, here are some ideas you can do to make special foods with coconut sugar.

Simple Baked Apples: To really keep things simple, and to use only a small amount of sweetener per serving, these baked apples are delicious with coconut sugar.

chocolate syrup coconut sugar

DIY Chocolate Syrup:
Whenever I make this delicious chocolate syrup,
I also use the coconut sugar option.
Delicious bittersweet and also perfect for ice cream
toppings with, or serving with desserts.

teriyaki sauce coconut sugar

Teriyaki Chicken Wings:
Use coconut sugar for a rich undertone
in teriyaki sauce. Delicious!

candy bar coconut sugar

Nutterfingers: You can even make
your own homemade candy bars
using coconut sugar!

Peach Cornmeal Skillet Cake

Caramelized Peach Cornmeal Skillet Cake:
Speaking of cakes, here is a delicious option
for coconut sugar sweetened cake as well.

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red Velvet Cupcakes:
These coconut sugar sweetened cupcakes
are made “velvet” by the addition of beets.

It seems that there are still many recipes that you can try using coconut sugar as a sweetener. You can experiment with these recipes, the guideline is as long as the recipe requires sugar as a sweetener then you can replace it with coconut sugar.

coffee and tea coconut sugar

Or using it as a sweetener for your coffee or tea will make them more special and healthy because they do not use sugar cane.
So there’s no reason not to have coconut sugar at home …