Ways of making Coconut Brown Sugar

coconut sap
Sap obtained from tapping palm flowers that are old enough. Sap used must have a pH of 5.5-7.0 and a reduction sugar (glucose and fructose) are relatively low. Fresh sap usually has a pH of 6.0 to 7.0.

Supplementary Material Coconut Sugar
Shredded coconut, hazelnut or cooking oil, used to suppress or overflowing froth formed during boiling.

Making Process
The process of making brown sugar, in principle, is the process of evaporation or concentration of sap. Stages of the process of making palm sugar include:

Sap collection
Results leads sap is collected in buckets, then cooked as soon as possible to prevent the formation of acid. Residual preservative that collects at the end Pongkor excluded because it will result in poor color sugar.

Before cooking, the sap is filtered prior to throw dirt in the form of coconut flowers, bees and ants. This filter uses a clean filter cloth.

Sap cooking is done at a temperature of 1100C. when it starts to boil, fine dirt will float to the surface together frothing sap. Subsequent boiling sap will cause the foam overflowing brown slightly yellow. When the juice has been thickened, the fire diminished and concentrates the sap still stirred. To know that the sap is ripe or not, viscosity testing concentrates the juice by pouring into cold water. When the hatchlings had to be hard, cooking is sufficient and pans immediately removed from the waiting. The time it takes to cook 25-30 liters of sap is approximately 4-5 hours.


To speed up the cooling process, stirring juice concentrates. Stirring is done until the temperature drops to about 700C. This agitation will also cause the texture and color of the sugar produced better and faster dry.


As soon as the temperature concentrates the sap has dropped to about 700C, then the printing is done. Concentrates the sap is poured into the shell mold which had previously been soaked and wetted with water to facilitate the release of sugar into dry after. Conducted after the release of sugar sugar reaches room temperature.


Sugar which has been removed from the mold wrapped to the next market. Packaging used can be dried palm leaves, banana plant stem or plastic bag.

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