Understanding Organic Food Organic according to Mr theory, Dr. Henry Chang

The word “organic” actually mean comes from the land”. In short, carries the meaning of “original, natural, uncontaminated and lain2“, ie sifat2 agricultural products that can be used every day. Some examples of organic products including vegetables, vitamins, toothpaste, soap, laundry soap, and so forth.

Father of Organic Theory, Dr. Henry Chang, stated that organic food” means all agricultural products that are free of chemical fertilizers, chemicals or additives from the beginning, that is entirely natural.
Some examples of the farmed cara2 including traditional plowing, using natural fertilizers or soil that is fertile, or insert the worm into the ground to loosen the soil by digging a hole that is a natural activity. This causes the soil teroksidasikan, thus minimizing pollution of soil, air, and water in the area of ​​the land. Although chemical fertilizers can help growth, increase soil productivity and thus give better results, but the results are just beautiful in perspective without much benefit. The products resulting from the processing of the farm, may contain lots of water affecting the original flavor of real vegetables or quality of the food plants.

Animal farming organically also starts with feeding the organic foods free from growth hormones, and farm animals also do not need to be injected with growth hormones other. For example, if a dairy cow bred on organic pasture, the milk and meat produced is also categorized as an organic product. Anybody ever eat chicken village” of course found the chicken meat is more delicious than chicken meat derived from commercial farms.

Therefore, Dr. Henry Chang believe that the human lifespan can be up to 100 years, but most people can not live long because their diet contains too many chemicals and toxins. This affects the functions of their immune system, resulting in high blood pressure, blood cancer (leukemia) as well as diseases of other diseases in modern times.

Source : http://informasi-melilea.blogspot.com/2011/02/pengertian-makanan-organik.html