Understanding Organic Food Benefits for Health body

Lifestyle and attitude of “go green” is certainly not just about saving energy by using electricity as needed, reducing the use of plastic, and dispose of waste in place. Green living also includes the choice of food we consume daily.

More complete if we also consume organic food. Definition of organic food is food produced from organic farming, a production method based on the principles that are intended to protect the environment, maintain biodiversity, and respect the natural cycle.

Organic foods must be maintained or derived from safe ground, not genetically modified and should always be separate from conventional products. Farmers are not allowed to use synthetic pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and artificial fertilizers. While organic livestock must have access to the outdoors and are given organic feed. They should not be given antibiotics, growth hormones or animal byproducts.

In order for an organic food can be labeled organic species, the product must contain at least 95% certified organic ingredients.

Organic Food For Health Benefits
Here are the various benefits of organic food for health and body:

More nutritious Several studies have shown that organic fruits and vegetables such as: rice, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, and lettuce contain more organic nutrients such as vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, and iron. Organic milk contains more vitamin E.

Healthier Organic foods are not formed using chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals that do not harm the human body. Organic milk has 50-80% more antioxidants that reduce the risk of tumors.

Environmental Sustainability Organic Food protecting the environment from pollution of soil, water, and air so as to create a safe world for future generations.

Animal Welfare Animal welfare is an important aspect in the production of milk, meat, poultry, and organic fish. People feel happy to consume products from animals that are not confined to miserable in a cage.

Not long ago, researchers from Newcastle University, UK, found that organic foods can help extend the life span of between 25 days to 17 days for men and women. According to the study, change your lifestyle by eating organic food will also make you healthier and slimmer.

Organic foods make your body and you look so fresh together. While the environment is maintained. A noble deed as well as nourish our own bodies.

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