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Why Choose Organic Food?

Before the industrialization of agriculture, the Indonesian nation knows only organic food. When the farmers use natural fertilizers to fertilize plants and natural pesticide to ward off pests. GM crops are also not yet known. Now, most of the food we eat is produced with artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Some fruits and vegetables may also be genetically modified without us knowing we entered the dining table. Fortunately, in recent years awareness of organic foods began to grow in the community. […]

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What Different Food and Non-Organic Organic?

During this campaign on that one of the advantages of organic food is healthier because it is free of pesticides. But Henry I. Miller, a molecular biologist at Stanford University and founder of the Office of Biotechnology at the US Food and Drug Administration, presented a meta–analysis (a study of other studies) conducted in 2012 on 240 studies, concluded that organic fruits and vegetables mean average no more nutritious than ordinary fruits and vegetables. Organic products are also not free […]

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