Some Benefits of Vanilla

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Almost everyone is familiar with vanilla, this is a delicious spice that many people love. Generally vanilla is used as flavorings on cakes, milk, and ice cream. As information, before vanilla was used many people as a popular additional spice. In fact vanilla is used as a powerful medicinal plant for the ancient people.

Packed with antioxidants, vanilla is still a coveted spice that is harder and harder to source for a reasonable price. What first comes to mind when you think of the health benefits of vanilla? Actually there are many health benefits that can be obtained from vanilla, the scientists continue to do research to know it. But among the many benefits vanilla for health, some of which have been proven include:

Antioxidant Capabilities

Vanilla contains over 250 different chemical compounds that provide flavor and fragrance to the spice. Found in different concentrations depending on where the vanilla bean was cultivated, vanillin is dominant.

Researchers have identified vanillin as a nutraceutical with antioxidant capabilities Nutraceuticals are sources in food used in alternative medicine to prevent or treat disease.

Vanillic acid has been shown to protect the body against bacteria, mold and yeast. For these reasons vanilla is a popular ingredient in herbicides to prevent against disease ridden crops. Combined with cinnamon, the vanillin component of vanilla has a synergistic effect at inhibiting bacteria such as Salmonella, L. monocystogenes and E. coli. These bacteria can be contaminants in food that cause digestive upset, fatigue, muscle aches and more serious symptoms such as convulsions and disease.

Anti-Angiogenic Activity

Vanilla also contains properties that enable the body to inhibit angiogenesis. Angiogenesis is the formation of new blood vessels and is also the weapon of choice that cancer cells use in their aggressive spread throughout the body.

Pain Relieving Properties

The various components of vanilla have long been studied for its antinociceptive properties. In other words, vanilla helps to desensitize an individual’s perception of pain. Have you ever been told: it’s all in your head? That is because pain is in your head, specifically in your brain, and involves the interaction of both physiological and psychological factors. Active compounds in vanilla stimulate your sense of smell.
Inhalation of these compounds reaches the bloodstream through the lungs as well as the emotion center of the brain following a complex network of nerves. As a result, the aromatic powers of vanilla stimulate the release of hormones and neurochemicals which promote mental health and an emotional response