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Coconut Palm Sugar

coconut palm sugar indonesia

We are organic coconut sugar supplier Indonesia, we also supply non-organic coconut sugar bulk with premium quality. We have organic certificate USDA – NOP, EU . Our Organic Certificate Number is CU847432. Indonesia government (Indonesia Trade Promotion Center or Trade Attache) support us.
Our coconut sugar is of high quality because we have set high standards since getting raw materials from coconut farmers, processing and packaging. Our coconut sugar has a high content for some of the vitamins and minerals that the body needs. Healthy to be consumed as a substitute for cane sugar and has a good taste that is suitable for every recipe.

Our natural coconut sugar and organic coconut sugar bulk has been sent to Australia, Brazil, Kuwait, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, China, Poland , Canada, Hungary, Turkey, Germany, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Tahiti.

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There is our coconut palm sugar bulk

A] Product Specification

  • Source : Neera of Coconut Palm Tree
  • Validity Period / Shelf Life : 18 months
  • Color : Light brown to dark
  • Form : Powder / Granulated
  • Size : Mesh 14 or 16 or 18
  • Moisture content : maximum 2.0%
  • Sucrose : > 80%
  • Glucose : 2-5%
  • Fructose : 3-5%
  • Status : Natural (Non Organic) and Organic

Have Organic USDA-NOP, EU, Halal Certificate

Supply Ability and Minimum Order
Minimum Order for coconut sugar bulk: 3000 Kg or 3 Ton

Supply Ability: 35.000 Kg or 35 Tons per months

We send natural coconut sugar bulk and organic coconut sugar  to Australia, Brazil, Korea, Kuwait and China.

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