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Our Farm


organic coconut farmers

Quality Organic Coconut Sugar available for us to ship. Our vision has always been to prioritize the welfare of traditional farmers through the coconut sugar products they produce in vast agricultural fields. Of course, our plantations have international organic standards to produce the best organic coconut sugar for customers.


To this day, we work closely with traditional farmers with the aim of fulfilling our coconut sugar production. On coconut farms in the Kebumen area – Central Java, Indonesia, farmers harvest high quality coconut sap which its processed into premium Organic Coconut Sugar.


We ensure the quality of organic coconut sugar products by forming an Internal Control System (ICS) team. Their job is to provide assistance and counseling about organic production methods. And our team helps oversee the production proces. Start from tree planting, organic production steps, to product handling until labeling before being transported to our warehouse.


Currently we have received EU and USDA-NOP organic certificates as a result of our hard work to maintain the organicity of our coconut sugar. We have organic certificate number CU 847432. It can be checked directly on the Control Union official website. BASFOOD will strive to maintain and improve the quality of organic coconut sugar products for local and world industrial needs.