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OEM Coconut Sugar Private Label

OEM coconut sugar packaging BAS

We are coconut sugar sugar manufacturer from Indonesia. Beside supply coconut sugar in bulk packaging, we also accept order of granulated coconut sugar in OEM packaging ( private label coconut sugar ). We are ready to produce and supply coconut sugar in retail packaging using your brand.
We can supply coconut sugar private label to Amazon seller, Ebay seller, or sellers on other B2B sites.  This is an easier way to do coconut sugar business. You just need to sit down and think about promoting and selling your products and we will provide coconut sugar with your brand.

Our Product Specifications of OEM packaging granulated coconut sugar packaging: 

Source Neera of Coconut Palm Tree
Validity Period / Shelf Life 18 months
Color Light brown to dark
Form Powder / Granulated
Size Mesh 14 or 16 or 18
Moisture content maximum 2.0%
Sucrose > 80%
Glucose 2-5%
Fructose 3-5%
Status Natural (Non Organic) and Organic

If you are interested in our coconut sugar and want to make it on a private label / OEM, please contact us at email: bonafideasexporter@gmail.com.
Minimum order of coconut sugar in private label / OEM packaging is 3 tons.
*) we produce and supply toll manufacturing organic and non-organic coconut sugar

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