Looking for Coconut Sugar Supplier

Looking for Coconut Sugar SupplierCoconut sugar is Indonesia’s main export commodity to various countries in the world. Almost all regions of Indonesia are producers of conventional and organic coconut sugar. Because coconut plantations stretch widely from the western region to the eastern tip of Indonesia. Not all existing coconut plantations are organic coconut plantations. Only a few coconut plantations are categorized as organic. If you are looking for coconut sugar supplier from Indonesia, maybe you can consider the following :

Characteristics of Coconut Sugar

In general, coconut sugar has a natural sweet taste and a delicious coconut aroma. However, this is influenced by many factors, especially the location of the coconut plantation area. In addition to the location of the plantation area, the climate of the region also influences the taste and aroma of coconut sap. This of course makes coconut sugar have characteristics according to their respective territories. So typical coconut sugar will get a geographical indication certificate.

Taste and Aroma

Taste and aroma are indicators of the quality of good coconut sugar. The level of sweetness of coconut sugar is not as sweet as cane sugar and palm sugar. Because coconut sugar has a lower glucose content compared to other sugars. In addition, the delicious aroma of coconut sugar can be influenced by the freshness of the harvested coconut sap. Coconut sap that will be processed into coconut sugar must be fresh sap that has just been harvested so that the aroma and taste of the sugar are well preserved. Not a little coconut sugar will smell bad or rancid, and the taste tends to be a little sour. So it’s best to do a taste and aroma test of coconut sugar before using it to find out the quality of coconut sugar.

Coconut Sugar Color

Basically, coconut sugar has a light brown to dark brown color. This color is not the main indicator of the quality of coconut sugar. The color differences that exist can be caused by the location and soil conditions of the coconut plantations. In addition, the climate also affects the color of the sap produced, such as during the rainy season which makes the color of the sugar darker. This is a natural condition, so it does not affect the naturalness and organicity of coconut sugar.

It can be concluded that coconut sugar has a distinctive taste and aroma with a natural brownish-yellow color. If you are looking for coconut sugar supplier with coconut sugar premium quality. CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa provides all your coconut sugar needs for your business. Not only with the best taste and aroma, but we also provide golden coconut sugar with a bright yellow color. So we can make sure you get the best coconut sugar supplier to improve the quality and quantity of your business.