Differences Brown Sugar Coconut Sugar and Palm Sugar

Brown sugar is very famous among the people of Indonesia, because sugar is always there in people’s lives as an example of brown sugar is almost always used as a spice in Indonesian cuisine. Brown sugar has various variants of types and flavors, based on sap-producing trees. The sweet taste of brown sugar is also determined by the quality of the water sap. Most people misunderstand the sweet taste of brown sugar, sweet flavor is often considered not good for human health. Sugar ants are brown sugar powder form, distinctive scented, and brownish yellow. The processing of sugar equal to the processing of sugar ants print, the warm-up phase until the juice becomes thick.
What are the differences in sugar brown sugar and coconut palm sugar?

We know that different with palm sugar palm sugar (often called palm sugar or brown sugar) in terms of:

Sources sap Coconut sugar is made from the sap of palm trees, while the brown sugar made ​​from palm tree sap.
The composition of the chemical composition of simple sugars and complex sugars between palm sugar and coconut sugar are very different. Also the content of nutrients and non-nutritional quite different.
One of the physical properties of the physical properties of the striking difference is the color. Darker than the palm sugar palm sugar. Moreover, palm sugar derived from Banten, relatively darker than the palm sugar. This is related to the process of harvesting and processing palm juice.
The nature organoleptiknya The only advantage of palm sugar compared to sugar is coconut aroma. Palm sugar very distinctive aroma fragrance that is used in the manufacture of some typical drinks such areas bandrek etc.. Also used as a sweetener in coffee-making. But in terms of health, coconut sugar is much better.
Glycemic Index. The glycemic index of brown sugar value 2x 70 This figure is greater than the value of the glycemic index of coconut sugar is value 35.

Some sources say that the glycemic index, palm sugar value 35, but after we browse it turns out they were wrong quoting of coconut sugar. It can be harmful for the health of dieters, especially for diabetics.

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