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Crude Palm Oil

Crude Palm Oil Indonesia

Crude Palm Oil (CPO) is a vegetable oil produced from the fruit of the oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq, Arecaceae). Crude palm oil that has not undergone refining is the raw material for CPO. Because it contains high beta carotene, CPO has a dark red color. Although it is crude palm oil, Crude Palm Oil is not the same as Palm Kernel Oil (PKO).

Palm oil is one of the most consumed types of vegetable oil by the world community, which is about 40% of all types of vegetable oil. Indonesian CPO is very attractive to many industrial companies in the world. Many industries use this oil by reprocessing it or using it as a mixture in a crude state. The use of this oil is also very diverse, especially in the food ingredients, cosmetic industry, chemical industry, animal feed industry, and others.

Cooking oil-producing factories use palm oil as the main raw material for cooking oil. Until now, the demand for cooking oil is very high, especially for household needs. In addition to cooking oil, food products that use CPO as raw materials are margarine. Margarine is the right choice for producing other processed products such as chocolate, peanut butter, ice cream, pastries, and biscuits.

CPO for Industrials

In other industrial fields, CPO also has a function as a coating for steel and iron to make them more durable from rust and corrosion. In addition, CPO can also be used as a diesel mixture to produce biodiesel as an alternative fuel. Currently, biodiesel is an environmentally friendly fuel. Many countries, especially Indonesia, produce biodiesel, and this will certainly increase interest in buying palm oil in various countries. Therefore, we are ready to supply CPO needs for your business. We provide the best quality for CPOs at a very low price.

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