Container Types

Coconut Sugar Supplier - Container Types

Containers are a means of storing commodity goods used in cargo shipments. It has a long size and a large volume to be able to store various items to be sent. The outer side of the container is made of very hard and strong iron plate material. While the inside of the container has a strong wooden floor with iron plate walls. Empty container weight ranges from 2 tons to 4 tons, depending on the size of the container. However, containers have several types that are made based on the commodity goods to be packed by the container. The following are the types of containers used for export-import activities.

Import-export container types

Dry Van Container

Dry Van Container is a type of container that is commonly used for all types of cargo for export-import activities. Commodities that are dry and do not require special storage temperatures can be put into dry van containers. This container only has 1 access door, for the back of the container does not have a door. Dry container vans are available in 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft sizes.


Open Top Containers

In general, an open-top container is the basis of a dry van container, but the difference is the position of the door opening. As the name implies, open-top containers have open access at the top of the container. This is intended for shipping goods whose size exceeds the height of the container. How to enter the goods through the top door of the container.


Tunnel Containers

Tunnel Container is a development of the Dry Van Container which has an additional 1 access door on the rear side. The front and back doors of the container face each other. This aims to increase the efficiency of loading and unloading container contents which can be done from both sides of the container.

Open Side Containers

Open Side Containers have entrance access from the longest side of the container or literally the side of the container. The function of the side door is intended for shipping goods with the maximum length of the container. So the loading and unloading process is faster and more efficient.


Flat Rack Containers

A flat Rack Container is a container used for shipping large machines and heavy equipment. This container has sides that can be folded so that it looks like a long flat shelf.


Half Container

As the name implies, the half container is half the size of a normal container. Half Container is usually used to transport construction materials such as stone, sand, construction iron, and cement. There are exit access doors on several sides of the container with a small size. The container door is attached to the bottom corner of the container with an upward opening to make it easier to remove the transported material.


Refrigerated Container

These containers are commonly referred to as ice chests because there is a cooling device that functions to maintain the temperature of the container’s cargo. Usually, Refrigerated Containers are used to transport medical commodities, food, and some commodities that have a short shelf life at room temperature. By using refrigerated containers, commodities sent can be accepted

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