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Coconut Water Supplier

fress coconut water supplier

Since centuries ago, coconut water has been known and consumed by people because it is fresh and tastes good. Even coconut water is also known to be able to treat several types of diseases and poisoning. Based on research, coconut water is very healthy because it contains various nutrients and vitamins.
Because it is freshly consumed and rich in benefits, today coconut water is becoming a commodity with high selling value in the world. Even coconut water becomes a product that is traded and exported many countries.

Where to get premium quality coconut water?

coconut water supplier indo

We are one of coconut water supplier from Indonesia, our product have been sent to many countries in the world. Our Coconut water is processed under the guidance of skilled professionals using ultra-modern technology and optimum quality coconut as per the set industry norms.
Our Coconut Water is packed from carefully selected nuts. Our coconut water is filtered, fat separated by physical means, aseptically processed and aseptically packed into carton or high barrier aseptic bags. We sell bulk coconut water in 1L, 20L and 200L packaging, or we accept custom packaging if you want. 

Tips: Coconut Water shall be stored in cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight and strong odour.




At this time we do not supply coconut water
We will make information when we are ready to supply coconut water again



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