Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar may be one of Indonesia’s leading agricultural products, but apart from Indonesia, people also know Philippines coconut sugar.

Coconut sugar has become one of the most popular natural sweetener products in recent years. The increasing demand for coconut sugar from all over the world occurs because more and more people are concerned about their health, especially in choosing sweeteners that are healthier for the body.

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Coconut sugar is a natural sweetener derived from tapping the unopened inflorescence of the coconut palm. These sweeteners contain better nutrients than conventional sweeteners such as cane sugar. Coconut sugar contains many vitamins, minerals and a low glycemic index.

We produce organic and conventional coconut sugar which are ready to be exported worldwide. We are a better choice than the Philippines coconut sugar because of the quality of our products and also the availability of raw materials that are greater than in other countries. Even though it is called coconut sugar, in fact many of our buyers prefer our products to Philippines coconut sugar. in terms of a more unique and sweet taste.

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