+62 8213 4505 737​ OFFICE: Jl. Sisingamangaraja VII/15 Semarang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia. FACTORY : Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta

Container Types

Containers are a means of storing commodity goods used in cargo shipments. It has a long size and a large volume to be able to store various items to be sent. The outer side of the container is made of very hard and strong iron plate material. While the inside of the container has a strong wooden floor with iron plate walls. Empty container weight ranges from 2 tons to 4 tons, depending on the size of the container. However, […]

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Coconut Sugar Shipping Cost Efficiency

CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa (BASFOOD) is a supplier of organic coconut sugar located in Semarang – Indonesia. BASFOOD has a coconut sugar factory located in Kulon Progo – Yogyakarta. BASFOOD coconut sugar has a high level of quality based on hygiene and also the quality of taste and aroma. We provide bulk coconut sugar as well as OEM coconut sugar with private-label packaging. As a coconut sugar producer, we also work with many traders and brokers to expand our business […]

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Freight Shipping Containers

Cargo is a goods or cargo expedition service with a large number of goods/cargo sent with large cargo by sea, by air, or by land. The minimum estimated cargo delivery is 10 kg – 50 kg. However, the use of the word cargo is more likely to be focused on container services which are used as a medium for transporting goods in large quantities. Cargo services are a good choice for export and import activities because containers can load many […]

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Golden Coconut Sugar Supplier

黄金红糖 是 CV Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa 的优质产品之一,因为这种糖在世界市场上非常罕见。 它的颜色比普通红糖浅。 但其营养成分与一般红糖无异。 金黄色是最好的椰子汁加工的天然颜色。 我们采用特殊方法对椰子汁进行加热和加工,可以生产出口感和色泽极佳的黄金红糖。 我们在生产过程中不使用化学染料和防腐剂。 黄金红糖的生产参照了食品安全管理体系。 绝对安全,适合食用。 颜色比普通红糖浅黄棕色。 使用时食物的颜色会保持鲜艳美丽。 与普通红糖相反,它会使菜肴的颜色稍微变深。 它是咖啡、茶、烘焙和烹饪中白蔗糖的理想替代品。 CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa 是值得信赖的红糖供应商。 世界上许多公司都把他们对红糖的原料需求委托给我们。 准备成为您的业务合作伙伴,供应散装有机和传统红糖。 我们只使用最好的椰子汁原料来制作高品质的红糖。 当然我们在加工过程中也实施了食品安全管理体系。 我们的红糖工厂已通过HACCP认证,因此我们的红糖适合全世界所有人食用。 我们保证产品的清洁度和质量,因为客户的满意是我们的首要任务。 有关我们产品的优惠和详细信息,请单击此处或致电+6282134505737

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