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Why Choose Arenga Palm Sugar?

  For many people, coconut sugar may be more familiar than palm sugar (arenga sugar). Even some people may not be able to distinguish between the physical appearance of palm sugar and palm sugar. Yes, if you look at the form of sugar, texture and color then palm sugar and palm sugar look the same. The difference is taste, palm sugar (arenga sugar) has a sweeter taste and a unique aroma. Arenga palm sugar is similar to coconut palm sugar. […]

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Arenga Sugar Suitable for Diabetics

Arenga sugar often a matter for alternative sweetener used in Indonesia. Not only is sweet, it is good for health benefits. At least there is the advantage of this brown sugar. What are they? Let’s refer to the explanation Dr. Yoshika Kurnia, Doctor Aina Beauty Consultant Beauty Center (ABC) Bandar Lampung. Explained, superiority sweet and delicious, fitted with tongue Asia and Indonesia. Second, arenga sugar has a very low glycemic index which IG 35. “This means that glucose uptake is slow so […]

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Sugar Arenga Granule Many advisable By Health Experts

Sugar granule are powder product innovation of printing palm sugar in the form of powder or granules small brownish yellow to brown. Water palm juice that has been produced into print sugar, would have added value better if processed into sugar granule. Sugar granule have more added value than print palm sugar such as: a. sugar granule more practical or ready to be consumed. b. moisture content less sugar granule so the shelf life is more durable. c. Sugar granule […]

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Gula Java (palm sugar) Safe for Diabetics

Diabetics sometimes difficult to drink sugar diet everyday. However, steps to keep sweet drink can be done by replacing them with brown sugar from sugar or juice. General practitioner dr. Sardjito Tri Widodo said that usually people with diabetes is always advisable to consume artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. “Many artificial sweetener product does not raise blood sugar levels, but selecting the appropriate flow to health,” he said, told Daily Jogja, recently. Various artificial sweetener products can now be easily […]

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