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Organic Palm Sugar Distributor

棕榈糖是由棕榈花提取物制成的天然甜味剂。 棕榈糖具有浓郁的焦糖味和香气,因此很多人喜欢将棕榈糖作为蔗糖的替代品。 他们将棕榈糖混合到食品和饮料配方中,例如咖啡、茶、奶茶、饼干和糕点。 许多红糖糖浆、饼干、巧克力以及家居行业的工厂都使用棕榈糖作为其主要原料之一。 不仅如此,在中国生产珍珠奶茶和冰淇淋的工厂也使用液体棕榈糖来代替糖浆。 这使得对我们出口的棕榈糖的需求永远不会停止,因为我们需要定期发送。 CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa 已成为值得信赖的棕榈糖出口商和供应商,供应 Arenga 棕榈糖。 我们使用最好的棕榈汁原料来制造高品质的棕榈糖。 此外,我们还有加工食品安全管理体系。 让每个人都可以安全地食用棕榈糖。 我们保证产品的清洁度和质量,因为我们的首要任务是让客户满意。 我们接受散装或为您的企业定制包装的棕榈糖订单。 即使我们有高质量的产品,我们仍然提供比其他人更低的价格。 因为我们是棕榈糖生产商,有自己的加工厂。 立即联系我们以获得最好的报价。

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Indonesia Palm Sugar Producer

Palm sugar is one of Indonesia’s export commodities to various countries in the world. Almost all regions of Indonesia can be found as palm sugar producers. Because palm or palm tree plantations stretch widely from the western region to the eastern tip of Indonesia. If you are looking for a palm sugar manufacturer, perhaps you can consider the following palm sugar products: Characteristics of Palm Sugar In general, palm sugar has a natural sweet taste and a distinctive aroma that […]

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Why Choose Arenga Palm Sugar?

  For many people, coconut sugar may be more familiar than palm sugar (arenga sugar). Even some people may not be able to distinguish between the physical appearance of palm sugar and palm sugar. Yes, if you look at the form of sugar, texture and color then palm sugar and palm sugar look the same. The difference is taste, palm sugar (arenga sugar) has a sweeter taste and a unique aroma. Arenga palm sugar is similar to coconut palm sugar. […]

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Arenga Sugar Suitable for Diabetics

Arenga sugar often a matter for alternative sweetener used in Indonesia. Not only is sweet, it is good for health benefits. At least there is the advantage of this brown sugar. What are they? Let’s refer to the explanation Dr. Yoshika Kurnia, Doctor Aina Beauty Consultant Beauty Center (ABC) Bandar Lampung. Explained, superiority sweet and delicious, fitted with tongue Asia and Indonesia. Second, arenga sugar has a very low glycemic index which IG 35. “This means that glucose uptake is slow so […]

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