Freight Shipping Containers

Cargo is a goods or cargo expedition service with a large number of goods/cargo sent with large cargo by sea, by air, or by land. The minimum estimated cargo delivery is 10 kg – 50 kg. However, the use of the word cargo is more likely to be focused on container services which are used as a medium for transporting goods in large quantities. Cargo services are a good choice for export and import activities because containers can load many commodities in one container. Currently, cargo is a wise choice, considering that cargo rates are competitive compared to other expeditions.

The advantages of using cargo containers

Has a large capacity

A container can hold a lot of commodity goods to be sent. This makes the buyer save on the cost of sending goods to his warehouse without requiring an additional delivery place. There are 2 container sizes that can be used, 20Ft and 40Ft containers. The volume of a 20Ft container can accommodate around 19 Tons of cargo, for example, Coconut Sugar in cardboard boxes. Meanwhile, a 40ft container can accommodate up to 39 tonnes of cargo. For example, it can accommodate 39 tonnes of coconut sugar in cardboard boxes.


Exporters and importers choose cargo as a means of shipping goods because cargo has competitive rates. By sending FCL (Full Container Load) at once, more goods will be accommodated .The container rental price is calculated based on the usage time limit, not the weight of the load. So the cost of shipping will be cheaper if it is based on the rental time rather than calculated by the weight of the load.

The use of containers is safer

The weight of a 20ft container which reaches almost 2 tons and a 40ft container which is almost 4 tons. It is influenced by the type of container material which is made of wood and iron plates. A strong construction framework makes the container sturdy and has good durability. So that the cargo inside the container is safer from collisions and changes in temperature. The container door also has a special locking module so that the door can be tightly closed and not easily opened.

Choosing containers as a means of shipping cargo services is the right choice, taking into account all aspects of security and the number of shipping rates. So that exporter as sellers and importers as buyers can get the same profit.