Benefits & Dangers: Brown Sugar (Coconut / Palm)

Coconut sugar is sugar safest in the world to date for daily consumption. Glykemik index is low on coconut sugar has been bewitched” the researchers from the west to use palm sugar instead of sugar and other sweeteners. Coconut sugar safe for diabetics does not necessarily make blood sugar levels rise sharply. Even a non-publication research states that, coconut sugar has the effect of cure” diabetes. It is not known for certain nutrients and non-nutrients which can effect the cure. However, research conducted by researchers from the Department of Health of Indonesia has become good news for diabetics.
Brown sugar is used for cooking, although only certain, it has countless benefits for both health and beauty. And if you know for sure you will not leave the brown sugar. Well, here are the benefits of brown sugar for health and beauty.
1. Clean the blood
Brown sugar acts as an agent that is able to cleanse toxins from your blood.
2. Troubleshooting digestion
In addition to working to cleanse toxins from the blood, brown sugar can also detoxify digestion. The trick add brown sugar in tea, milk or other beverages in order to aid digestion.
3. Helps overcome thrush
Thrush can be prevented naturally with brown sugar, but there should be an additional natural ingredients is turmeric acid. The way a glass of sour turmeric cooked with brown sugar. The function of turmeric to prevent inflammation while brown sugar to cool the body temperature.
4. Prevent Anemia
Brown sugar contains iron which helps overcome the problem of anemia when menstruating women.
5. Prevent Acne
Brown Sugar can overcome skin problems such as blackheads and pimples. The sweet taste of brown sugar does not cause inflammation of the skin, so it is quite safe to eat if you want the skin soft and clean.
6. Preventing cough and fever
Brown sugar has cool properties that may be consumed when you are exposed to ba

tuk dry and fever. The trick is brewed tau mixed into the diet. Brown sugar can help you to thin the phlegm and make quickly subsides cough.
7. Prevent Asthma
People with asthma are encouraged to use the brown sugar and reducing sugar. When the body temperature is maintained, asthma can be overcome and not easy to relapse. Brown sugar also has anti-allergic properties.
8. Relieves pain during menstruation
Often the women when menstrual abdominal pain. Well, it is recommended to consume turmeric acid brewed with a red cave, mkaa the abdominal pain could subside.


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